I believe Town Hall should strive mightily to be inclusive at all levels because this is the primary way to achieve the most comprehensive and effective solutions. Problems are not actually solved if they only address the concerns of one group of people and not another. We cannot always please everyone, but we can and should always include everyone in the conversation. I will prioritize making sure all residents are equally informed.

I will initiate a Comprehensive Master Plan by engaging a planning consultant to walk residents and stakeholders through the planning process which will result in a vision for our future and a blueprint for how to get there. Creating this plan and updating it regularly through the years will keep us on track so that our Council decisions continuously reflect the values of our residents.

I’m excited to work with our Police Department to create opportunities for residents to get to know the officers who protect us. I believe Chief Davis has done a wonderful job and I want to help him continue to keep Mountain View as safe as possible.

I will continue to fully support town events such as the annual picnic and movie night.

I want to collect and share our town history and archival materials via the town website so that everyone can learn about our history.

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